March 27, 2011

I'm Sorry, Miss Austen

I never, ever thought this would happen to me. Ever. But today, I realized that something astounding has occurred. I have changed in a dramatic and unforeseen way.

I've outgrown Pride and Prejudice.

I know. This is shattering news. I myself am shaken to my very core. But what can be done? I saw the new version of Jane Eyre, and I thought to myself, That Mr. Rochester could beat the pants off Mr. Darcy. Next to Edward, Fitzwilliam looks like a whinny little sissy.

Okay, sure. Mr. Rochester isn't perfect. Mr. Darcy's primary fault was that he had poor social skills, a forgivable problem with which I can certainly identify (I mean, look at me, using my Sunday afternoon to write a blog post about romantic heros in classic 19th century literature and my varying levels of affection for them). Whereas Rochester is a deceitful bastard–surly, taciturn, and manipulative. Don't think my sudden affection for him doesn't alarm me (and remind me strongly of this).

Nevertheless, there it is. I thought I would share it. Go see the new version of Jane Eyre if that's your thing.

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