June 18, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

[O Children-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I am trying to break your heart-Wilco]

The sheer number of connections necessary to make it from Saint Louis to Heidelberg is outrageous. Stl to Ottawa,IL by car. Ottawa to long term parking. Parking to the airport via monorail. Chicago to Dublin via plane. 7 hours to kill where we very nearly got in a taxi to see Dublin. Brief interlude with friends. Dublin to Frankfurt via plane. Plane to airport via tram. Airport to train station via bus. Train to Mannheim. Train from Mannheim to Heidelberg. Walk from train to hotel. And you know? That would all be okay. Except the trip, just from Chicago on, took over 24 hours during which myself and my travel companions got little to no sleep. Not so easy to navigate your way from a train station to your hotel without a map in the dark when you feel like you might be legally insane.

Nevertheless, we eventually made it to our hotel where we all tucked ourselves into little down poofs and slept like bricks.

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