November 14, 2010

The Din of the Lonely

[Obsession – Sky Ferreria; Firework – Katy Perry (It’s Sunday morning. Don’t judge); 99 Problems – Hugo; The Man that Got Away – Ella Fitzgerald; Veni Vidi Vici – Black Lips; Kick Drum Heart – The Avett Brothers; I Killed Sally’s Lover – The Avett Brothers]

Planning to write a blog post on the Joshua Radin concert I attended last week, I looked up the lyrics to one of his songs online.

Beneath them there are no less then 37 comments from people with handles like “music*ismyboyfriend” and “scattered_misery.” Almost every single comment is a girl interpreting the song and then relating it to her life. I think it only right I share my findings.

Most of them keep to a general format. They begin with a synopsis of the song. For example, “This song is about a girl who is desprately in love with a boy. He just uses her. He just sees her as another girl she sees him as everything.” That’s usually followed by a personal statement. There’s the simple, if pitiful “If thats true, then sadly, thats me,” and the admission-of-possible-personal-slant, “Maybe I'm biased; because that's way too fucking like what's happening to me right now.” I also don’t want to overlook the desire to share in the startling and revelatory “When I started listening to this song, it sounded just like me and my ex, and I couldn't stop crying. I wish I could play it to him,” or the thoughtfully prophetic, “It's funny, he played this song for me... But I don't think he understood it's meaning. I wonder if someday this song will be about him.”

Though not all the comments were from women. Shout out to Hakerboy who boldly submitted, “This song is the biggest bullshit story I have ever heard. How does he sing it without stuttering? He should take up poker!” And RHS who said, “Have faith. Not all men are like this, and some of us really are pretty decent.”

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