November 22, 2010


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The college I went to has had ROLM phones for 18 years.

There are lots of things I enjoy about the ROLM system. It does all the usual things—saves messages, forwards messages, creates distribution lists. The system also makes it virtually effortless to take a personal message and forward it to the whole campus. That’s handy. But my favorite feature is the ability to delete a voicemail you’ve started leaving by hitting *6 if you botch it.

Example: “Hi, Professor Williams. Thanks so much for giving me an extension on my paper. I really appreciate it. I’ll have it to you first thing on Monday. Okay, love you, bye-bye! Oh. Shit. Uh...sorry. I mean, crap. I’ve been leaving messages for my don’t love you. Uh....” *6.

Sadly, the college must begin researching alternatives to this phone system. Not only are replacement parts becoming increasingly scarce (most must be ordered on ebay), but people able to make repairs to the system are, well, dying off, actually.


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  1. I still try to *6 myself when botching a message on my iPhone. Sad that the ROLMs have to die!