November 14, 2010


THANK GOD I HAVE A BLOG because something atrocious happened on my way home tonight. I was listening to the radio. A girl called in and requested “a sad song.”

Peppy male DJ: You’re not sad, are you?
Girl: Yeah.
PMDJ: Why?
Girl: (starting to cry) My love life.
PMDJ: Oh no! Don’t cry. Men are like city buses. A new one comes along every five minutes.
Girl: Thanks.
PMDJ: How long did you date him?
Girl: Eight months.
PMDJ: Did he have a big weenie?
Girl: I don’t know. I don’t do that.
PMDJ: Maybe that’s why you guys broke up.
Cut to commercial.

Any woman who has the sense not to have premarital sex should be given a crisp Benjamin and a pat on the back. 

1 comment:

  1. You're not gonna win any men over with blog posts like this.

    That is so many sads!!! Jerk DJ!!!